Report: Tom Suozzi Invests with “Notorious NYC Slumlord”

An eye-opening investigative report has revealed that liberal Tom Suozzi has been investing in a shady firm connected with NYC’s worst landlord.”

This “Notorious NYC Slumlord” is known for forcing residents to live in inhumane conditions to make a profit.

Birds of a feather must flock together, because Two-Faced Tom Suozzi is also notorious for putting his own self-interests above the safety, security, and basic well-being of others.

While Suozzi claims he’ll stand up for New Yorkers, his record shows the exact opposite:

“Despite his many attempts to rewrite history, Tom Suozzi’s liberal record has consistently shown that he’s committed only to himself, not protecting New York families,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “And Two-Faced Tom’s shady investments are just further proof that he can’t be trusted to put New Yorkers first.”