Nickel: Another Nickel

Gillen: Safety

Casten: Hurts

Maloney: Afford

Gillen: Pay More

Casten: Peanuts

Levin: Shame

Mrvan: On The Ballot

O'Halleran: Pleasure

Craig: The Facts

Larkin: Better Choice

McLeod-Skinner: Tent

Ryan: One Month

Luria: Choice

Golden: Golden Boy

Landsman: Nope

Salinas: Bigger and Better

Lee: Needed Her Most :15

Hayes: Getting Worse

Titus: Burning Gas 2.0

Axne: Really

Lee: Needed Her Most :30

Riley: Revolving Door

Titus: Fire Titus

Wild: Worse

Sykes: Stop Biden

Porter: Hurts Us

Conole: Draining

Gray: Better Off Spanish

Levin: Easy To Measure

Schweikert: Proven

Cartwright: Rubber Stamp

Sorensen: Defeat Sorensen

Mathis: 25%

Vasquez: Who Really Supports The Police Anyway

Mathis: Evaporating

Spanberger: Promised

Craig: The Truth

Nickel: The Line

Sorensen: Boondoggle