Save America. Fire Anthony Brindisi.

Kara Eastman: Picking Your Pockets.

Betsy Londrigan Won't Work For Us

We Don't Need Christina Hale

Dan Feehan: Wrong for MN

DePasquale & Dougherty: Birds of a Feather

Liberal Kate Schroder: A Disaster for Ohio's Economy

Easy to Vote Against Jill Schupp

Stop Cameron Webb

Max Rose: A Puppet Of Defund The Police Liberals

Liberal Kendra Horn: She's Not With Us

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell: Dangerously Connected

Hillary Scholten: Radical Ideas. Dangerously Liberal.

Stop Pelosi Liberal Torres Small

Cheri Bustos: It's About Her Not Us

Conor Lamb: He Talks Tough But Votes Liberal

Abigail Spanberger Will Tax You Out Of Your Home

The Army Didn't Trust Gordon. Neither Should You.

Diane Mitsch Bush: Everyone Pays

Collin Peterson: It's Time to Fly Him Home

Claudia Tenney: The Ally Trump Needs

Troy Nehls: The Lone Star Leader TX Needs

Diane Mitsch Bush: Extremely Wrong for Colorado

Defeat Collin Peterson

A Vote For Spanberger Is A Vote For Higher Taxes

Nancy Pelosi Owns Joe Cunningham's Vote

It's Time To Fire Swindlin' Susie Lee

Christina Hale: Too Liberal. Too Extreme.

Joyce Elliott: Liberal Tax Raiser

Abby Finkenauer. Higher Taxes, Worse Health Care

Anthony Brindisi: A Liberal & A Liar

90K Oil & Gas Jobs: Horn Put Them At Risk

TJ Cox Always Benefits At Our Expense

Eugene DePasquale: Poor Judgement

Montana Can't Afford California Kathleen Williams

MN Families Can't Afford Feehan

Stop Kara Eastman

Amy Kennedy: She Is With Them

Rita Hart! Higher Taxes!

Dana Balter: Liberal. Radical. Too Extreme.

Democrat Ben McAdams: Wrong on Taxes. Weak on China.

Kate Schroder = Higher Taxes

Cameron Webb: The Radical Left

Max Rose: Betraying the Blue

TX Families Can't Trust Candace Valenzuela

Hillary Scholten Doesn't Stand With Western Michigan

Carolyn Bourdeaux: Wrong for Congress

Nancy Goroff: A Radical Liberal Long Island Families Can't Trust

Liberal Pat Timmons-Goodson: She Will Never Keep Us Safe

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell: Dangerously Connected

Heartless. Hypocrite. Harley Rouda.

Diane Mitsch Bush: Defunding Cops. Defending Criminals. Hurting Colorado.

Jill Schupp Taxes You A Lot

Time to Change Our Congressman

Peter DeFazio: Oregon Should Forget Him

Xochitl Torres Small: She's With Them. Not Us.

Kendra Horn: She's With Them. Not Us.

Swindlin' Susie Lee: Everything Wrong with Washington

Joyce Elliott: Another Liberal Who Will Raise Our Taxes

Sri Kulkarni: Recklessly Liberal

Alyse Galvin Has No Place In Washington

Dana Balter Supports Releasing Criminal Defendants Back on the Streets

Stop Spanberger: She'll Raise Taxes

Kara Eastman: She's an Extremist

Anthony Brindisi Lied to Us

Career Politician Christy Smith: Wrong for Congress

Christina Hale: Wrong For Us

Betsy Londrigan Doesn't Work For You.

Liberal Tom Malinowski: It is Time for Him to Go

We Can't Afford Finkenauer

Rita Hart: Not for Us

Southwest Washington Families Can't Trust Carolyn Long

Hillary Scholten: Too Liberal To Keep Us Safe

Jon Hoadley. Bad Judgment. Unfit For Congress.

You're Getting Burned by Joe Cunningham

You Can't Trust Elaine Luria

Liberal Kate Schroder Would Be A Disaster for Ohio's Economy

Cameron Webb Wants to Defund The Police

Ben McAdams Is Too Weak To Serve in Congress

Ron Kind is Selling You Out

Christina Finello: Not Right for Bucks County

Jill Schupp is Lying

Collin Peterson Changed and It is Time for You to Change Your Congressman.

That's Wrong. That's Ben McAdams.

Max Rose: Betraying the Blue

Kendra Horn: She's With Pelosi. Not Us.

That's Fracking Crazy

Don't Let DMP Embarrass Us

Joe Cunningham: It Keeps Getting Worse

It's Easy to Remember Why Not to Vote for Torres Small

Carolyn Bourdeaux: The Wrong Choice for Congress

Christy Smith Bailed Them Out, Then Bailed on Us.

TJ Cox Puts Profits Before People

Kara Eastman: Too Extreme for Nebraska

Liberal Anthony Brindisi Lies To Us

Dana Balter Supports Bail Reform

Betsy Londrigan: Madigan Tainted Shady Politician.

Alaskans Can't Trust Alyse Galvin

Pat Timmons-Goodson: She'll Never Keep Us Safe

Moe Davis: Dangerously Disgraceful

Double Taxing Jackie Gordon: Wrong for Long Island

Liberal Joyce Elliott: Wrong Time. Wrong Side.

Trust Career Politician Eugene DePasquale? Never.

You Can't Trust Candace Valenzuela To Keep Us Safe

Liberal Amy Kennedy: She's Part of Their Plan. Not Ours.

Sri Kulkarni: Recklessly Liberal

Peter DeFazio Has Grown Out of Touch And That Hurts Us

Don't Let Joe Cunningham Burn Us Again

We Can't Afford Finkenauer

Ron Kind Shouldn't Be Our Congressman

Ben McAdams Didn't Show Up

Jill Schupp: Ineffective. Partisan. Liberal.

Congress Already Has One Liberal Nancy. We Don't Need Another.

Kara Eastman: Crazy Ideas. Way Too Liberal.

Torres Small & AOC: Working Together to End Oil & Gas Production

Cunningham & Biden: Raising Taxes on ALL Income Groups

You Can't Trust Elaine Luria

Phony Jared Golden: Votes With Nancy Pelosi. Not Maine.

Rita Hart. Higher Taxes.

Cindy Tax You

Liberal Kendra Horn: She's With Pelosi. Not Us.

Swindlin' Susie Lee: Everything Wrong with Washington

Betsy Londrigan: Springfield Sleaze Swampy Politician

Bucks County Families Can't Trust Her

Too Liberal for Arkansas: Joyce Elliott.

Dan Feehan: Bad for MN Health

Alyse Galvin's Liberal Agenda is Out in The Open

Liberal Kate Schroder: She Wanted Higher Taxes

Sending Jon Hoadley to Congress?? That's Bad Judgement.

Haley Stevens is Just Embarrassing

Cameron Webb Want to Defund Police

Sri Kulkarni: Too Reckless. Too Liberal.

Ron Kind: Failing to Do His Duty

That's The Problem With Lizzie Fletcher 99% Of The Time

You Lose

Haley Stevens: Way Out There

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell: Dangerously Connected

If You Like Liberals, You'll Love Joe Cunningham.

You Can't Trust Her to Keep TX Families Safe

We Can't Afford Finkenauer

Liberal Rita Heart Loves Nancy Pelosi's Radical Agenda

Brindisi: Too Liberal. Too Extreme

Good for China. Wrong for Iowa. That's Cindy Axne.

Burgess Owens: A Man of Faith

Ben McAdams: Out of Line With Utah

TJ Cox Doesn't Work For US

Liberal Kendra Horn: She's With Pelosi. Not Us.

Actress Elaine Luria Wants You to Pay for It

Liberal Tom Malinowski Wants to Raise Your Taxes

Collin Peterson: Too Wrong for Too Long

Liberal Politician Abby Finkenauer: The Wrong Direction for Iowa

If You Like Nancy Pelosi Then You'll Love Kendra Horn

Ben McAdams: Not What We Hoped For

Max Rose Sold Us Out

Liberal Joe Cunningham: You Deserve Better

Elaine Luria's Signature? It's Purely Partisan.

Heartless. That's Harley Rouda.

That's Utah. That's Burgess Owens.

Xochitl Torres Small Voted to Take Away Your Rights.

Liberal Kendra Horn: With Pelosi. Not Oklahoma.

Christy Smith: Putting Herself First. No Matter Who it Hurts.

Jackie Gordon: Just Like De Blasio on Taxes & Police.

Tom Malinowski: He's Too Liberal and He's Making Things Worse

Horn Voted to Allow Democrats to Vote on Her Behalf.

Phony Staff. Phony Set. Phony Elaine Luria.

Don't Let Joe Cunningham Fool You Again

Spanberger Says One Thing. Does Another.

Anthony Brindisi, Too Extreme, Too Anti-Trump.

Torres-Small Will Work With Anyone Liberal

Defund Max Rose

Horn: Not as Advertised

Dean Phillips Broke His Bond With Voters On The Very First Day

Gil Cisneros Broke His Bond With Voters On The Very First Day

Haley Stevens Broke Her Bond With Voters On The Very First Day

Lizzie Fletcher Broke Her Bond With Voters On The Very First Day

Andy Kim Broke His Bond With Voters On The Very First Day

Sharice Davids Broke Her Bond With Voters On The Very First Day

President Trump Needs Kay Granger

Kay Granger: Delivering For Texas

Kay Granger: Standing With President Trump

Sacramento Liberal Christy Smith: Too Extreme

Christy Smith Puts Herself First