Suozzi Doubles Down on Kicking ICE Out of Nassau County

Yesterday, Tom Suozzi showed no remorse for his move to “kick ICE out of Nassau County,” but actually doubled down on his decision.

Meanwhile, more than 170,000 migrants have come to NYC since 2022 and are settling across the state, which over 80% of New Yorkers see as a “serious problem.”

But given Suozzi’s anti-border security record, his comments are no surprise:

“Tom Suozzi could have helped prevent this migrant crisis overwhelming New York, but instead he only made it worse,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Adding insult to injury, Suozzi’s admitting he’d ‘kick ICE out of Nassau County’ all over again in a heartbeat – what a slap in the face to New York voters.”