Progressive Birds of a Feather: Altman & Jayapal

Radical Sue Altman has been rallying the support of national Democrats and attempting to downplay her progressive past.

But today, Altman let her true colors show, touting the backing of known-socialist and Chair of the Progressive Caucus Pramila Jayapal, who led efforts to defund police and called Israel “a racist state.”

We’re not surprised… Unapologetically progressive Sue Altman ran the NJ chapter of the Working Families Party, which endorses radical positions like expanding taxes and defunding the police.

“Progressive birds of a feather flock together,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Like her role model, socialist Pramila Jayapal, Sue Altman is a progressive activist with an extreme tax-hiking, ‘defund-the-police’ agenda. Voters will reject Altman – the face of New Jersey’s progressive left – this fall.”