Who Does Progressive Sue Altman Think She’s Fooling?

A recent report notes that progressive Sue Altman is hoping to rewrite her anti-Israel record and separate herself from the Working Families Party 

But who could forget that Altman literally ran the New Jersey chapter of WFP and enthusiastically promoted their policy stances. 

The Working Families Party’s anti-Israel positions are clear: they promoted terrorist-sympathizer Rashida Tlaib’s claims that Israel is “violating human rights,” strongly opposed fully aiding Israel, and pushed back on Israel’s right to defend themselves following the October 7th Hamas attack.

“Sue Altman’s record is set in stone as the face of the progressive left in New Jersey,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “While Altman might hope to convince voters that she’s not a radical leftist, we’ll make sure they see her failure to stand by our ally, Israel.”