FACTCHECK: Suozzi’s New Ad = Desperate & False

Liberal Tom Suozzi has a new ad, and it smacks of just how desperate his campaign is to rewrite history in the final week of the NY-03 special election.

Let’s review the facts:

  • CLAIM: Suozzi claims to offer solutions to secure the border. 
  • FACT: Suozzi voted against reporting illegal migrants for purchasing firearms, was awarded “Person of the Year” by an extreme, open-borders activism group, and advised illegal immigrants to avoid ICE.
  • CLAIM: Suozzi claims to offer solutions to protect our neighborhoods. 
  • FACT: Suozzi “kicked ICE out of Nassau Country” then BRAGGED about it and voted to fund the sanctuary city policies destroying New York’s communities.
  • CLAIM: Suozzi claims to offer solutions to provide tax relief. 
  • FACT: As Nassau County Executive, Suozzi raised taxes by more than $200 million.
  • Claim: Suozzi claims to stand “proudly in the middle.”
  • FACT: Suozzi voted with President Biden 100% of the time and was termed a “loyal foot soldier” in radical Nancy Pelosi’s army.

  • CLAIM: Suozzi claims to stand for “common sense.”
  • FACT: Suozzi asked to become an “honorary member” of the radical, far-left “Squad.”

“Tom Suozzi’s campaign and advertising wreaks of a desperate candidate doing everything in his power to rewrite history, but he can’t change the facts,” said CLF Communications Director Courtney Parella. “Suozzi has sided with his extreme party’s toxic agenda time and again, and no amount of spin will cover up his liberal record.”