Welcome, Sean Eldridge

Sean Eldridge has certainly been preparing to run for Congress for long enough, but it appears that this week he finally picked which seat he’s going to attempt to buy: New York’s 19th Congressional District. To help get his campaign going, we’d like to offer a few suggestions for Sean Eldridge’s campaign slogan:

•    Socialite. Carpetbagger. Liberal.

•    Buying a Seat in Congress One House at a Time

•    “Like” Sean Eldridge, Become a Fan of a Far-Left Agenda

•    Support Opportunism. Send Congressional District Goldilocks to Washington.

•    Vote for Young, Rich and Relocating Candidate (h/t New York Times)

While the social scene from NYC to California may be abuzz, Hudson Valley residents can’t afford Sean Eldridge’s far-left political agenda and transplanted personal ambitions in Congress.

New Yorkers will have a clear choice next November: a war hero in Congressman Chris Gibson with a moderate record of fighting for jobs and less government or an untested socialite in Sean Eldridge with an insatiable quest to join his friend Nancy Pelosi in advancing their San Francisco-style agenda.