Pat Quinn Campaigning for Brad Schneider?

More bad headlines for Congressman Brad Schneider’s ballot buddy, Governor Pat Quinn.

Following news of criminal investigations into Gov. Quinn’s alleged taxpayer-funded “political slush fund,” now comes word of political cronyism under the Democratic governor’s administration.

But Brad Schneider will still invite Gov. Quinn to campaign for him, right?

On the Republican side, gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner has already headlined an event for Bob Dold’s congressional race against Brad Schneider.

So how about Brad Schneider? When will he have Governor Pat Quinn come campaign for him?

Surely Brad Schneider won’t miss an opportunity to invite his latest scandal-plagued Democratic governor to support his re-election campaign.

Or will he?

The Bottom Line:
Sooner or later, Brad Schneider must either fish or cut bait with his ballot buddy, Governor Pat Quinn. Brad Schneider should let Chicagoland residents know where he stands by either inviting Pat Quinn to campaign with him or disavowing his party’s latest scandal-plagued governor.