Halloween Edition: 5 Ways to Scare Erin Bilbray

It’s not hard to spook Erin Bilbray these days. After all, she’s spent most of the last four months hiding from voters and the press.

But to give Erin Bilbray a real fright this Halloween, here’s five ways to get in the holiday spirit:

1. Ask her how being a career political operative makes her more qualified for Congress than combat veteran, 9/11 responder and physician Joe Heck.
2. Replay her disastrous TV interview last week in which she called Joe Heck “un-American.”
3. Have her try to sign up for Obamacare on healthcare.gov since she’s a strong supporter of the law.
4. Ask her to explain what exactly is her plan to save Medicare.
5. Hand her a pledge card against the use of fake gender victimization.

The Bottom Line:
Career Democrat operative Erin Bilbray has reason to run scared this Halloween for fear that Nevadans will find out her campaign is really just tricks. Nevadans can count on Erin Bilbray to call names, recite talking points and play the victim, but in Congress they need a proven leader, not a professional partisan.