Vasquez Denies What’s Right in Front of Him

The Wall Street Journal revealed this morning that in a recent border visit, Gabe Vasquez accused Republicans of lying about the number of illegal border crossings… only to be embarrassingly proven wrong moments later.

WSJ writes: “He said this was a spot where Republicans claimed migrants were illegally crossing into the country ‘24/7.’ But no one was there. ‘We’re on that same trail right now.’ Moments later, a few exhausted-looking men, then more, appeared along the sides of the hill.”

Gabe Vasquez has been living in denial – rejecting commonsense border security measures to instead back an extreme, open-borders agenda.

But with illegals hiding out in New Mexico schools and border crossings at dangerous highs, there’s no denying this crisis.

“Come November, New Mexico voters will elect the candidate they trust to fix this border crisis – and that’s not Gabe Vasquez,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole.