Migrant Crisis Hits New Mexico Schools

shocking new report reveals a New Mexico middle school was put on lockdown multiple times recently after groups of illegal migrants were discovered hiding there. Parents expressed concerns, saying “we don’t know if they’d do something to our students.”

As illegal border crossings rise in NM and border patrol says many illegal migrants have a “criminal history,” these incidents are bound to become more frequent… and more dangerous…

Open-borders extremist Gabe Vasquez has only made this crisis worse.

Remember, Vasquez advocated for defunding ICE and CBP and shutting down ICE facilities altogether, and he has repeatedly voted against bipartisan efforts to secure the border.

“Progressive Gabe Vasquez has made it perfectly clear that his priority is anything BUT securing the border and putting a stop to this illegal immigration crisis,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “As families deal with the dangerous ramifications of Democrats’ open-border policies, voters won’t forget how Vasquez backed this radical, pro-illegal immigration agenda.”