Flagging This Truly Unbelievable Vote by Gabe Vasquez

First, Gabe Vasquez supports defunding police. 

Then, he urges Joe Biden to “divest from immigration enforcement agencies like ICE and CBP.” 

Now, he just voted against the Laken Riley Act – bipartisan legislation to require ICE to detain illegal immigrants charged with a crime like theft or burglary. 

An illegal immigrant crime wave is sweeping the country, leaving tragedy in its wake as Americans like Laken Riley are brutally and senselessly killed. Yet Gabe Vasquez couldn’t care less.  

“Gabe Vasquez has proven himself to be anti-police and anti-border security. He continues to show New Mexico voters their priorities are not his priorities,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Time and again, Vasquez has sided with violent criminals and illegal immigrants over protecting the safety of innocent Americans. Shame on Gabe Vasquez and his dangerous pro-crime record that jeopardizes the safety of New Mexico families.”