Two-Faced Tom’s Last-Ditch Effort to Rewrite History

Today, Tom Suozzi took to the morning shows in a desperate, last-ditch effort to rewrite his liberal record ahead of tomorrow’s special election.

But no amount of TV appearances from Two-Faced Tom will change the facts:

  1. Suozzi “kicked ICE out of Nassau County” and voted to fund the sanctuary city policies currently destroying New York’s communities.
  2. He hiked taxes by more than $200 million as Nassau County executive.
  3. He voted with Biden 100% of the time and asked to become an “honorary member” of the radical, far-left “Squad.”

As New Yorkers keep bearing the brunt of Democrats’ toxic agenda and out-of-control migrant crisis Adams crony and Hochul puppet Tom Suozzi can’t cover up his past.

“After spending the last few weeks desperately trying to cover up his liberal record, it should come as no surprise that Two-Faced Tom Suozzi’s final pitch to voters is a bald-faced lie,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Liberal Tom Suozzi is an open-borders extremist, who kicked ICE out of Nassau County, and New York voters will hold him accountable.”