Two-Faced Tom🤝AOC & the “Squad”

Far-left radical AOC is team Tom Suozzi – sending new fundraising emails on behalf of her “friend.”

Suozzi has long been on the team of extreme progressives, even asking to be an honorary member of the “Squad.”

But on the campaign trail, Two-Faced Tom is hoping to make voters believe he’ll battle with the far lefties in Congress.

Just like Adams crony Suozzi is trying to convince voters that he supports securing the border, despite his very public record proving that lie… like the time he “kicked ICE out of Nassau County” – then bragged about it.

“Two-Faced Tom isn’t fooling anyone,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Try as he may to convince New Yorkers otherwise, Tom Suozzi is a far-left radical, wannabe ‘Squad’ member, who will push an extreme progressive and anti-border security agenda in Congress.”