FBI Reports Border Crisis Causing NM Crime Spike

The FBI announced the border crisis is causing a crime wave in New Mexico, explaining the “hardened criminals” coming into the U.S. only “continue with their criminal ways” once here.

The state is seeing spikes in everything from gun violence to drug trafficking, and with “no structure [separating] our country from Mexico,” the FBI says the crime won’t let up until the border crisis is resolved.

Gabe Vasquez brought this crisis to New Mexico’s doorstep by repeatedly voting against securing the border

And if it were left up to Vasquez, crime would only get worse – remember, Vasquez has repeatedly fought to defund the police.

“Gabe Vasquez’s reckless open-borders, pro-crime agenda has caused a dangerous crisis in New Mexico and his constituents are paying the price,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole.