Defund-the-Police Altman Exposed…Again

Progressive activist Sue Altman is running from her record of advocating to defund the police, but a recent report once again proves she can’t rewrite history.

The report revealed that Altman served on the board of South Jersey Women for Progressive Change – a far-left organization that called to “imagine a society without police.” 

According to the report, Altman’s radical progressive group also:

  • Argued for “the connection between policing and slavery.”
  • Instructed members on how to use “alternatives to the police.”
  • And, perhaps most shocking, advocated for “black-only spaces,” pushed a toxic Asian “model minority myth” theory, and held workshops on “white fragility.”

“Sue Altman is the face of the progressive left in New Jersey, and try as she might, she’ll never outrun her far-left radical record of advocating to defund the police or remove them from society altogether,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole.