Defund-the-Police Sue Altman’s Least Favorite Week

It’s National Police Week, and while Rep. Tom Kean and many others are honoring our brave law enforcement officers, we know one woman who can’t: Sue Altman.

As the face of New Jersey’s progressive left, Sue Altman was “working on #DefundThePolice in Jersey” before she deleted the evidence to run for Congress.

And a new report reveals that Altman is proudly endorsed by a George Soros-backed group that’s working toward “divesting from police… [and] dismantling white supremacy.”

Let’s not forget Altman’s anti-law enforcement history or when she praised the release of a cop killer from jail, calling it the “correct thing to do.”

“Sue Altman led the fight to try to defund New Jersey’s police,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “If progressive activist Sue Altman is elected, she’ll make New Jersey families less safe.”