$340 Million: The Cost of Denver’s Illegal Immigration Crisis

New estimates reveal that Denver’s migrant crisis has cost the city a whopping $340 million, which stems from providing more than 42,272 illegal immigrants with everything from housing, education, and health care, to food and clothing.

And remember, they’ve also cut important resources and services to afford their crisis, including defunding the police and fire departments by $10 million and taking jobs from American citizens.

This crisis was brought to Denver’s doorstep because of Democrats like Yadira Caraveo’s radical open-borders agenda.

Caraveo refused to secure the border when she had the chance, called on President Biden to defund ICE and CBP, and continues to vote against tougher border security measures.

“How many more millions will it cost Colorado taxpayers before Yadira Caraveo takes this illegal immigration crisis seriously?” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole.