Dems’ Illegal Immigration Crisis Comes for Coloradans’ Jobs

As Joe Biden and Yadira Caraveo’s illegal immigration crisis rages on, Denver city hourly employees are being told they may have hours cut or even (effectively) be laid off so the city can hire illegal immigrants.

Let’s be very clear about this: Denver has already cut city budgets and services to pay for this crisis, and now the city is literally prioritizing jobs for illegal immigrants at the expense of hardworking American citizens. 

And this is all thanks to the open-borders agenda of Yadira Caraveo and the radical left. Remember:

“Yadira Caraveo and her party’s radical, open-borders policies brought this immigration crisis straight to Denver, and now her constituents’ livelihoods are in jeopardy as a result,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Denver families deserve better.”