What cannot be said about Aimee Belgard

“Quality.” “Open and straightforward.” “Pragmatic.”

Words not said about Aimee Belgard.  Nope, those were words to describe Tom MacArthur, whom respected nonpartisan analyst Stu Rothenberg singled out this week with high marks as a quality candidate:

He didn’t try to hide anything or even deflect questions. I found him to be very open and straightforward. Like many, he has an interesting personal story, and he has been active in philanthropy. He is quite likable… MacArthur is a pragmatic conservative.

It’s the well-earned praise of an authentic, proven leader. And it’s a study in contrast for Democrat Aimee Belgard whose candidacy consists of hiding behind DCCC-approved talking points and hypocritical political stunts.

Aimee Belgard has managed to build quite a record of trying to deflect questions about her views – exemplified in her disastrous radio interview last year and subsequent generic canned answers.

And to date, she still refuses to state her position on basic policy issues or agree to a number of debates.

Is it any wonder that nonpartisan political forecasters have downgraded Aimee Belgard’s candidacy?

The Bottom Line:
With each passing day, Aimee Belgard is proving she is not the quality, straightforward and pragmatic leader New Jerseyans deserve in Congress. Try as she may, Aimee Belgard cannot always hide behind generic platitudes and fake pledges used in desperate attempts to mask her Nancy Pelosi-approved agenda.