Videos: Erin Bilbray Protests Iraq War (2007) Before Supporting It in Bid for Congress (2014)

As the Las Vegas Review Journal is reporting, 2007 video has surfaced showing career political operative Erin Bilbray leading protests against our troops in Iraq, shilling for liberal group Americans United for Change.

Of course, this is the same Erin Bilbray who called her opponent, Iraq War veteran Congressman Joe Heck, “un-American.”

But then there is 2014 video of Erin Bilbray claiming she supports the Iraq war from the beginning.

If the video looks familiar, it’s also the same event where she called traitor Edward Snowden a “hero.” Maybe we should call this round of Erin Bilbray Strategies “How to Talk about National Security.”

The Bottom Line:
Only a career political operative like Erin Bilbray would try to get away with changing her story when she’s already on tape leading liberal protests against our troops in Iraq. It’s clear Nevadans can’t afford Erin Bilbray in Congress when she can’t even tell the heroes from the villains, much less keep her own positions straight.


GOP critics say Bilbray opposed Iraq war initially
Las Vegas Review Journal
By Laura Myers
May 20, 2014

Nevada congressional candidate Erin Bilbray was against the Iraq war before she was for it.

That’s what Republican critics said on Monday, offering videos of Bilbray from 2007 and last month.

In the June 14, 2007 video report from KLAS TV-8, Bilbray is taking part in an anti-Iraq war protest in front of the Lloyd George Federal Building in downtown Las Vegas. At the time, then-President George. W. Bush had ordered a “surge” in U.S. troops in Iraq, sending another 20,000 soldiers into the war zone. And Democrats opposed Bush’s actions, including leaders such as U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate majority leader.

Bilbray, too, opposed the increase in troops and, speaking for a liberal group called Americans United for Change, argued for pulling the U.S. out of Iraq and ending the war.

“Throughout the summer you’ll see different groups I’m getting together to speak out, to say it’s time to bring our troops home and spend more money on domestic issues like school,” Bilbray said in the video, which can be seen here:

On April 5 of this year, however, Bilbray said that if she were in Congress she would have voted to go to war in Iraq. When Congress voted to go to war in 2002, there was bipartisan support based on intelligence that concluded Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass destruction. The intelligence turned out to be wrong.

During last month’s Veterans in Politics International endorsement interview, Bilbray was asked whether she would want the U.S. military to pull back from the world and whether she would have voted to go to war against Iraq.

“You know. I’m a mother,” Bilbray said. “I would like to say we don’t need to be a strong force globally. I’d love to say that we live in that type of world, but we don’t. We have to have a strong military and we have to have bases across the country. When it comes to war, we need to be very cautious. But I do believe that if I were sitting in Congress at the time I would have voted for the war.”

The video can be seen here:

The Congressional Leadership Fund Super PAC, which works to elect Republicans to the House, provided the videos and said they show Bilbray flip-flopping on an important issue.

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