Tim Bishop’s 5 Outrageous Obamacare Taxes

On this dreaded day, millions of Americans face a devil we know: the income tax. But thanks to Congressman Tim Bishop, every day is now shrouded with new health care tax devils we don’t yet know. Taxes tucked into transactions, health procedures and policies – all taking more money to pay for Obamacare, while leaving less for you.

Not only did Tim Bishop vote these taxes into law, but in the face of clear evidence the law isn’t working, he’s still refused to repeal the law. Here are just 5 outrageous new taxes from Tim Bishop’s Obamacare law:

1.   Obamacare Exchange Fee: 3.5% Tax, averaging $158

healthcare.gov site down




If you’ve endured the nightmare of purchasing insurance on the Obamacare exchange, congratulations! You owe Uncle Sam an average fee of $158 for using this miserable site.

2.   Medical Device Tax: 2.3% excise tax

medical devices






God forbid that you need the use of an x-ray machine, pacemaker or other medical equipment, because this year these items are more expensive under Obamacare, and that means fewer of them and less future innovation.

3.   Cadillac Tax:  40% of Health Premium







You’ll be taxed if you don’t have health insurance, and starting in 2018, your health insurance can be taxed if it’s too good. So when Obamacare says “jump,” ask how high.

4.   Tanning Tax: 10% Excise Tax on Services

tanning bed







Yes, we know tanning beds aren’t good for our skin, but of all vices, this is the one to target? It’s effectively a receipt line item at the time of purchase, reminding customers that Obamacare hates tanning and loves taxes.

5.    Individual Mandate Tax: By 2016, $695 per adult or 2.5% of income







If you don’t have health insurance, get ready to pay a fee, starting with your next tax return. Given all the Obamacare delays, here’s hoping that every American actually gets the same mandate tax relief that businesses have gotten – but permanently.

The Bottom Line:
The unworkable Obamacare law that Tim Bishop champions is levying tax after tax on New York families. As Tax Day reminds New Yorkers how much government takes, they can look no further than Tim Bishop for the source of even more taxes pinching their pocketbooks, health care and lives.