Thank you, Speaker John Boehner!

Join us as we thank Speaker John Boehner for bringing Republicans from the minority to the largest majority since 1928.

Here are some of our favorite moments during his strong conservative leadership:

1. When he took liberals to the woodshed over Obamacare: “Shame on each and every one of you who substitute your will and your desires with those of your fellow countrymen.”

2. When Speaker Boehner announced he was suing President Obama over his abuse of executive actions. Boom!

3. When Speaker Boehner held up the 1100 pages of the Stimulus on the House floor and said “I don’t know how you could read 1100 pages between midnight and now…”

4. When he called President Obama OUT.

5. When Republicans won control of the House!

6. This emotional victory speech.

7. When he previewed the new GOP agenda. Solid.

Bonus: A Day with Speaker Boehner