Scott Peters’ Money Grab

No more blank checks. That’s the message from two polls out this morning showing that a majority of voters oppose Congressman Scott Peters’ decision to demand more borrowed money with no strings attached.
•    According to a new Bloomberg poll: 61% of Americans oppose Washington Democrats’ plan to unconditionally raise the debt-limit.

•    And in a different poll reported by Fox Business, 65% of Americans oppose raising the debt limit with no policy changes.

What’s more, according to the same poll, Americans support specific policy changes in exchange for raising the debt ceiling:
•    54% support a one-year delay of ObamaCare.
•    57% favor eliminating certain tax breaks as part of tax code reform.
•    55% want to see Medicare strengthened by means-testing premiums and benefits.
•    64% support reforming entitlement programs and other government assistance programs like food stamps (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).
•    And 73% favor the government approving the Keystone XL Pipeline for less imported Middle East oil and more American jobs.

But not Scott Peters. Instead, he’s joined Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats in sending a letter to President Obama, calling for increasing America’s debt without any conditions. With America’s debt at $16.7 Trillion, Scott Peters doesn’t see the need to curb debt-driven spending sprees.

The Bottom Line:
Scott Peters has proven he doesn’t think we have a spending problem. While California families and small businesses balance their checkbooks and make tough financial decisions, Scott Peters is busy championing debt-driven Washington spending sprees.