Quist needs a reality check…

Rob Quist needs a reality check, and quickly.

At a recent campaign event in Missoula, Quist claimed that he paid his employees “better than anyone else…”

This is the same Rob Quist who got sued for breach of contract and deceit and fraud by his fellow bandmate. 

Adding insult to injury, Quist goes on to say how not “paying other people the value of their services,” has become the norm.

This is the same Rob Quist who stiffed a fellow Montanan who worked on his property, and had a lien filed against him after most of the bill went unpaid.

Talk about a case of the pot calling the kettle black.


QUIST: “Anyway, as you mentioned I’m a small business owner and I employ up to 15 people at a time through our music business and our sound company and our tech crews. But to me I’ve always tried to pay my musicians and tech crew better than anybody else because they have to make a living too. To me that’s the goal of some of these special interest groups. Here’s an example. I was up in [sic] and I was talking about how when I was younger there was a graph that showed the distribution of wealth … and it was a pretty healthy curve through the middle class to the wealthy. It was a nice curve. If you look at that same graph today curve today its flat lined across the bottom until it reaches the super wealthy. Then it just flies so high up off the page you would have to have 10 pages stacked above that just to get it on the graph. So you have this stack over 10 pages. I was talking about how this economist had said it had become that way by not paying other people the value (of) their services.” (Rob Quist, Remarks At A Rally In Missoula, MT, 5/3/17)