Ossoff’s FEC report reveals Pelosi is calling the shots

If we needed proof that Nancy Pelosi is trying to buy Georgia’s 6th District Congressional seat, it’s out there now. Jon Ossoff’s FEC report has some interesting takeaways – the biggest being Ossoff’s status as Pelosi’s rubberstamp.

Pelosi donated $7k to Ossoff’s campaign from her campaign account and leadership PAC, so we can go ahead and count her as part of the 95% of Ossoff’s donors who don’t live in Georgia.

About those donations…

-At least $500,000 came from California

-At least $400,000 came from New York

-At least $160,000 came from Massachusetts

Remember, just this week at the Atlanta Press Club debate, Ossoff said his FEC report will show he is “accountable to a broad base of people.” Big problem with that statement when Ossoff’s “broad base” includes Nancy Pelosi, left-wing D.C. special interest groups, and out-of-state liberals like former Sen. Barbara Boxer…

What’s worse, a separate report revealed over $38k that was bundled from liberal D.C. lobbyists – if that doesn’t say insider, not sure what does.

Does Ossoff think he’s not accountable to residents of Georgia’s sixth district since they didn’t pull their checkbooks out for him?