On day he speaks and Clinton accepts, Kihuen targeted by SuperPAC

On the day Hillary Clinton accepts the nomination and Ruben Kihuen speaks to the Philadelphia convention, a SuperPAC has erected a web site tying her to him.

The site, “ImWithCareless” is a play on the hashtag “ImWithHer” that Clinton supporters use. Kihuen has his own section, as does CD3 hopeful Jacky Rosen on the site sponsored by the House Republican leadership’s Super PAC, the Congressional Leadership Fund.

Rosen’s section is thin (so far) because she hasn’t said much. But Kihuen, who backed Clinton in 2008 and has been with her ever since, has said a lot, including defending her on and downplaying the email scandal.

As BuzzFeed reported, this tactic is being used against several Democratic House hopefuls, mostly in competitive districts. It seems clear that the Republicans believe they can tether certain contenders to Clinton, whose numbers are not robust most places. This is the mirror image of the Democratic tactic of tying down-ballot candidates to Donald Trump.

CD4 would seem not to fit into this picture, which makes this more interesting. CD3 is a very competitive district.

One recent GOP poll showed Clinton very high unfavorable ratings even in the district Kihuen is running in, now held by GOP Rep. Cresent Hardy. The district has a double-digit registration edge for the Democrats, and Hardy is considered an underdog for re-election.

But this is another sign the national GOP is not yet ready to raise a white flag, hoping….Hillary can save them.