Obamacare is failing, Matt Heinz wants more of it

Good morning – On the heels of Obamacare triggering major premium increases in AZ, Matt Heinz, a Democratic candidate in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District, said he wants to expand Obamacare “as much as possible” and wants to see a “Medicare-like public option.” If you are covering this, please consider the following statement and background:

“As Obamacare causes premiums to skyrocket and Medicare heads for bankruptcy, Matt Heinz proposes a combination of these two troubled programs as a solution to our healthcare system. Arizonians want and deserve quality, affordable healthcare, not more failed ideas.” – Ruth Guerra, Dep. Communications Director for Congressional Leadership Fund


AUDIO: When Asked About A Single-Payer Health Care System, Heinz Said “I Want To Expand It [ObamaCare] As Much As Possible” And Added That He Wants To See A “Medicare-Like Public Option.” CALLER: “I was wondering how you felt on going to a single payer health system and thereby nearly eliminating the middle men insurance industry?” HEINZ: “Oh my gosh, Beverly, that is a great question. And it is one that is near and dear to my heart as a practicing physician here in the Tucson Medical Center. … But it doesn’t do enough. And despite the fact that the President and so many others did support universal healthcare and as a right, a lot of this was written unfortunately by the industry. And therefore there are limitations and I want to expand it as much as possible. For example, within the health insurance marketplaces, where I actually am insured myself, I would like to see especially in rural areas the addition of a Medicare-like public option. I believe that that can help to hold down deductibles and hold down premium expenses for patients and for consumers to get those kind of plans in the future.” (Matt Heinz, Remarks On Tele-Townhall, 6/13/16) Minute 12:22-12:45, 14:40-15:22