NY Post: Brother-in-law of Congressman Tim Bishop texted crotch shot to staffer: suit

Looks like Congressman Tim Bishop isn’t the only member of his family in hot water for “really gross” behavior. While Tim Bishop used his phone to shake down a constituent for money, his brother-in-law is accused of using his for sexual harassment.

Wonder if “friggin mailman” Tim Bishop has delivered advice to his brother-in-law on how to hide evidence and stage a cover-up.


Brother-in-law of Congressman Tim Bishop texted crotch shot to staffer: suit
New York Post
By Jamie Schram
July 31, 2014

A popular Southampton restaurateur, whose brother-in-law is Congressman Tim Bishop, was serving up side dishes of sexual harassment to his employees, new legal papers charge.
Tim Burke, who owns 230 Elm, Lobster Grill Inn and Tully’s Lobster Co, was slapped with an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission suit Wednesday by his former nightclub manager Natalie Perry.

Perry, a 43-year-old single mom and cancer survivor, told The Post that Burke made unwanted sexual advances at her and texted her cell phone crotch shots of himself while he was drunk and on vacation in Key West.

“He’s a disgusting fat slob who thinks his money can get what he wants,” she said. “He was constantly grabbing me to kiss me and hug me. I kept on rejecting his advances so he was giving me a hard time.”

Burke was so worried about the racy photos being made public that he kept asking Perry if she had them.

Perry lied, saying that she had lost her phone; she really saved the photos, and later gave them to her lawyers, Michael Borrelli and Alexander Coleman.

“I was really shocked that he sent them to me. It was very perverted. I was disgusted,” Perry said. “I didn’t want to work there anymore, but I needed my job so I felt stuck.”

Burke, however, says that Perry was a willing participant in their mutually “flirtatious” relationship and that her legal case is hogwash.

“Some of her flirtatious text messages to me were, ‘I’m sleeping naked tonight’ or ‘I’m home, I’m sleeping in my turquoise underwear and bra. I miss you,’” Burke told The Post.

But, according to Perry’s suit, Burke demanded to know the color of her undergarments, and then tried to wrap his arms around her and kiss her while complimenting her “nice ass.”

Burke also invited Perry to his luxurious Southampton house to address their issues, the documents say. Their discussion eventually turned to his horny behavior and quickly escalated.

“He went to go kiss me as I was leaving the house,” Perry said. “I pushed him away from me and I screamed, ‘Don’t ever do that again!’ He apologized and I left.”

Thinking he was in clear on the crotch shots he sent, Burke turned up the heat and began berating Perry in front of other people, the papers say, alleging that he also “physically attacked her.”

“I got fed up. I couldn’t take it anymore so I left my employment,” said Perry, who had worked for Burke from a year from April 2013 to April 2014.

Burke isn’t the only one in his family who’s been in hot water.

Last year, his brother-in-law, Congressman Tim Bishop (D-NY), was the subject of an ethics probe for helping a hedge fund pal get fast-track fireworks permits for his son’s Hamptons bar mitzvah.