More of the same

Good morning,

Under the failed policies supported by Barack Obama and Kathy Hochul Americans woke up last Friday to yet another weak new jobs report: just 114,000 jobs were added.

The Congressional Leadership Fund launched a robo-call to high-propensity undecided voters holding Hochul responsible for these policies that are hurting family’s bottom lines.

Vice President Biden said the middle class has been buried the last four years. He’s right:

  • A failed stimulus that created debt, but not the jobs promised.
  • A costly healthcare law that will punish our families with new taxes & higher premiums.
  • Another healthcare tax that could ship American jobs to China.

But don’t worry, Hochul and Obama have a plan for our economy: More of the same.

Under the Obama-Hochul economy, the middle class and small businesses will suffocate.