Is Silence in Erin Bilbray’s Candidate Training Manual?

Career Democrat operative Erin Bilbray needs to re-check her candidate training manual to see if silence is really a winning strategy.

This morning, The Hill reported that Erin Bilbray wouldn’t answer whether she would support any plans to let Americans keep their current health plans.

Erin Bilbray’s silence comes as nearly 25,000 Nevadans are losing their health plans, including Karen Freire.  A new report by KTNV Channel 13 Action News tells her story:

The letter, [Karen Freire] received last week, informs her that her coverage is canceled starting next year.  “We had a cheap policy because that’s what we need,” Freire said.

“We don’t need prescription coverage, we don’t need $20 co-pays, we don’t need that.” In the letter, the company offers her a new policy at $357 a month. That’s triple than what she’s already paying.

We know Erin Bilbray has a history of hiding from the press and voters, but ignoring the plight of nearly 25,000 Nevadans losing their health plans really tells what kind of candidate she is.

The Bottom Line:
Erin Bilbray’s political games of hide-and-seek show a futile attempt to avoid facing the reality that thousands of Nevadans are losing their health plans under Obamacare that she championed. Nevadans deserve to have a leader in Congress who stands up for solutions to the challenges they face, not a career political operative whose only move is to duck and dodge.