ICYMI: Congressional Leadership Fund, American Action Network Raise $66 Million

CLF, AAN “Pull In $66 Million In 2017.” “A massive haul that will be needed to help limit losses in what’s expected to be a rough year for the House GOP.”  (Anna Palmer, Jake Sherman, Daniel Lippman, “POLITICO Playbook,” POLITICO, 1/9/18).

“Groups Backing GOP Congress Say 2017 Was Record Fundraising Year.” “Two groups focused on boosting House Speaker Paul Ryan’s agenda and the prospects of Republicans maintaining control of Congress said Tuesday they raised a combined $66 million in 2017, the best non-election-year fundraising total in their history.” (John McCormick, “Groups Backing GOP Congress Say 2017 Was Record Fundraising Year,” Bloomberg, 1/9/18).

“Ryan-Backed Groups Break Fundraising Record.” “American Action Network, a nonprofit advocacy group, and Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC, also ended 2017 with $15 million in the bank.” (James Arkin, “Ryan-Backed Groups Break Fundraising Record,” Real Clear Politics, 1/9/18).

CLF, AAN “Raise $66 Million In 2017.” “The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF), which raised less than $500,000 in the last off-year, pulled in $26 million in 2017 and has $15 million in cash-on-hand.” (Jonathan Easley, “House GOP campaign groups post record hauls,” The Hill, 1/9/18).

Two House-Focused Groups Raise “Organization’s Highest Off-Year Haul.” “The Congressional Leadership Fund and its sister group American Action Network raised $66 million in 2017. It ended the year with $15 million cash on hand.” (Ally Mutnick, “National Journal Hotline’s Wake-Up Call,” National Journal, 1/9/18).

“Two Groups Linked To House Speaker Paul Ryan” Raise $66 Million. “The Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC and its sister organization, American Action Network, shattered their previous fundraising marks for a nonelection year, CLF said Tuesday. CLF took in $26 million in 2017, compared with $497,000 in 2015, the previous year without an election.” (Jacob Pramuk, “Paul Ryan-linked groups rack up record $66 million to protect House GOP majority,” CNBC, 1/9/18).

CLF, AAN “Report Record-Breaking 2017.” “A Republican super PAC backed by House leadership with field offices in two South Florida congressional districts is reporting $15 million cash-on-hand going into the 2018 elections.” (Mitch Perry, “Two GOP House election organizations report record-breaking 2017,” Florida Politics, 1/9/18).