ICYMI: Breaking Previous Records, Congressional Leadership Fund Raises $15 Million In Q1 Of 2018

Congressional Leadership Fund Breaks Previous Q1 Records With Fundraising Haul. “The Congressional Leadership Fund, the House GOP super PAC, says it raised $15 million in the first quarter of 2018, and says it has more than $25 million on hand. For comparison, in 2016, CLF raised $1.3 million in Q1 and had $1.9 million on hand.” (Anna Palmer, Jake Sherman, Daniel Lippman, “POLITICO Playbook”, POLITICO, 4/4/18).

Congressional Leadership Fund “Raises Record Amount” With Q1 Haul. “’Knowing this will be a challenging midterm environment, aggressive and early fundraising has put CLF in a strong position to defend the Republican majority,’ the fund’s executive director, Corry Bliss, said in a statement. ‘Donors are investing heavily in CLF’s field program, which will continue to expand nationwide.’” (John McCormick, “Super-PAC Backing GOP Control of Congress Raises Record Amount,” Bloomberg, 4/4/18).

“House Republican Group Reports A Record $15 Million Fundraising Haul.” “The Congressional Leadership Fund announced a $15 million fundraising haul on Wednesday breaking previous records.” (Sally Persons, “House Republican group reports a record $15 million fundraising haul,” The Washington Times, 4/4/18).

CLF “Posts $15M In First Quarter Of 2018.” “The group now has more than $25 million for its fight to protect Republican incumbents in November.” (Ben Kamisar, “House GOP super PAC posts $15M In First Quarter Of 2018,” The Hill, 4/4/18).

Congressional Leadership Fund “Raises $15 Million in First Quarter Of 2018.” [CLF] “announced Wednesday that they raised $15 million in the the first quarter of 2018 — a record for the PAC and up from the $1.3 million raised in Q1 of 2016, the previous election year.” (Alayna Treene, “Paul Ryan-backed PAC raises $15 million in first quarter of 2018,” AXIOS, 4/4/18).

CLF “Posts Massive Haul As GOP Looks To Defend House Majority.” “The group has created an operation rivaling that of a party committee ahead of the November midterms, complete with an extensive field organization that recently expanded to 31 offices and has made 8 million voter contacts.” (Al Weaver, “Paul Ryan-backed PAC posts massive haul as GOP looks to defend House majority,” The Washington Examiner, 4/4/18).

House GOP Group Breaks Q1 Fundraising Records. “The Congressional Leadership Fund announced raising $15 million in the first three months of 2018 and ended the quarter with $25 million. CLF raised just $1.3 million in the first quarter of 2016.” (Ally Mutnick, “National Journal Hotline’s Wake-Up Call,” National Journal, 4/4/18).

Congressional Leadership Fund Continues To Break Fundraising Records. “The CLF has $25 million in cash on hand, much more than their total in 2016, when the group raised only $1.3 million in the first three months, and ended up with $1.9 million on hand.” (Theodore Bunker, “Ryan-Backed Super PAC Raises $15M in Q1,” Newsmax, 4/4/18).