Found: Erin Bilbray Positions

Erin Bilbray may be refusing to come clean with Nevadans about what she believes, but today we learned a lot about her values: She’s on Nancy Pelosi’s campaign spending report.

That’s right, Erin Bilbray was one of only a few candidates for Nancy Pelosi & her extremely liberal values to invest in.

So what does Nancy Pelosi know about Erin Bilbray’s positions that Bilbray refuses to tell Nevadans?

Apparently a great deal, since Nancy Pelosi has been orchestrating Erin Bilbray’s race from the beginning:

•    Nancy Pelosi brought Erin Bilbray as her special guest to her inauguration luncheon in January.

•    Nancy Pelosi came to Las Vegas to fundraise for Erin Bilbray in August.

•    Nancy Pelosi got Erin Bilbray on national Democrats’ “Jumpstart” program in September.

And now, Nancy Pelosi is opening her campaign purse and giving Erin Bilbray some more money to spend.

The Bottom Line:
Erin Bilbray’s money from Nancy Pelosi tells Nevadans everything they need to know about her campaign: It’s bought and paid for by Nancy Pelosi. This is only the latest example of Erin Bilbray showing that her campaign is simply an extension of Nancy Pelosi’s far-left agenda. Nevada families deserve an independent voice in Congress.