First T.V. And Digital Ad In VA-07: Terror High

For the last year, Abigail Spanberger hid from Virginia voters that she taught at “Terror High”

WASHINGTON – Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC), the super PAC endorsed by House Republican leadership, today released a new ad, “Terror High,” in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. The ad highlights Abigail Spanberger’s work history at a Saudi-funded school nicknamed “Terror High.” The ad will run on television in the Richmond media market and on digital platforms throughout the district.

“Abigail Spanberger likes to talk about her time as a teacher, but she doesn’t want anyone to know that she taught at a Saudi-funded school nicknamed ‘Terror High,’” said Courtney Alexander, CLF Communications Director. “There’s a reason Spanberger hid her work history from voters, the school was so dangerous, even Chuck Schumer called for it to be shut down. By teaching at a Saudi-funded school that produced some of the world’s most dangerous terrorists, Spanberger exhibited incredibly bad judgement and Virginians deserve better.”

Watch the ad, “Terror High,” here.


VO: What is Abigail Spanberger hiding? 

Spanberger doesn’t want us to know that she taught at an Islamic school nicknamed “Terror High.” 

A terrorist breeding ground.

One graduate plotted to assassinate President Bush… 

…another was arrested for trying to bring a butcher knife on an airplane. 

So dangerous. 

Even Chuck Schumer called for the school to be shut down. 

But Abigail Spanberger cashed her paychecks like nothing was wrong.


In May 2018, Spanberger Said That One Of The Jobs She Held While She Waited For Her Security Clearance Was As A “Substitute Teacher At A Private School” But Did Not Reveal Where. “In that time, she worked as a waitress at a restaurant in Arlington County, was a substitute teacher at a private school, and worked for 2 ½ years in Washington as a federal postal inspector.” (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 5/12/18).