“Everybody” Wants Higher Taxes?

That’s what the highest Democrat in Congress said yesterday. Yup, according to Sen. Harry Reid, every American wants a tax increase as part of the next fiscal debate.

“Everybody else, including the rich people, are willing to pay more. They want to pay more,” Harry Reid said just yesterday in discussing the upcoming fiscal debate.

What about Brad Schneider?

Does he agree with the top Democrat in Congress that every Chicagoland resident suffer a tax increase in the next fiscal debate?

With Harry Reid leading fiscal negotiations for Democrats, Americans are about to be threatened with another tax hike. Is Brad Schneider really going to stand with Harry Reid and try to raise taxes on Chicagoland families?

The Bottom Line:
Brad Schneider’s party just showed their demand: a tax hike on everyone. With bills to pay and the economy still stuck in neutral, Chicagoland families deserve to know if Brad Schneider will join Washington Democrats in demanding ‘everybody’ pays more taxes to fuel more runaway spending and debt.