Erin Bilbray: Top 3 TV Plays

Career Democrat operative Erin Bilbray came out of hiding yesterday with a transparent presentation of partisan political gamesmanship on the Ralston Reports TV show.

After months of avoiding the media and voters, Erin Bilbray’s political operative playbook was on full display:

Play 1:  Accuse Republicans of Being Negative; Then Call Your Opponent Who Served in Iraq “Un-American”
JON RALSTON: Let’s talk about you not being a shrinking violet. After that announcement, Joe Heck put out a fund-raising e-mail based on you announcing your candidacy and you were outraged by that….
BILBRAY CLIP: I also took it as another kind of attack on women. I don’t think they really want women, families, small business owners to participate in politics. And for me, I knew it was the right decision when he sent out that letter.
BILBRAY: I mean, I’m a woman, there is no getting around it and I think he [Joe Heck] was wrong and I think it discourages people from participating in the political process and that is wrong and that is un-American.

Play 2:  Make Outrageous Claims About Gender Victimization; Then Punt When Challenged

RALSTON: There was no real negative – I mean, negative tone. It was standard campaign rhetoric which you know something about, you’re a liberal activist, you’re a spin doctor. What does that have to do with you being a woman? Doesn’t that diminish what you do for a living which is trying to get  women active in politics by saying Joe Heck attacked women? He didn’t attack women.
BILBRAY: [. . . ] As a woman, you know what, I don’t think — you don’t come out of the box and attack your opponent this far out.
RALSTON: Would it have been okay if you were a man for him to attack you then? Is that what you’re saying?
BILBRAY: I, you know what, I can’t talk in those theoretical terms.

Play 3: Make Up Facts About Your Opponent’s Positions
BILBRAY ON IMMIGRATION REFORM: I support a pathway to citizenship. Joe Heck does not.

RALSTON: That’s not true. He does support a pathway to citizenship…I’ll show you what he said at a town hall meeting in August.

The Bottom Line:
Career Democrat operative Erin Bilbray showed Nevadans an array of political antics, complete with name-calling, gender politics and outright lies. Nevada families deserve proven leadership and common-sense solutions from their government, not more partisan political games from a lifelong professional political player like Erin Bilbray.