Congressional Leadership Fund Unveils New Ad, “Too Liberal” in PA-18

New ad ties Conor Lamb to Nancy Pelosi and liberal Obama administration

WASHINGTON – The Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC), the super PAC endorsed by House Republican leadership, today released its latest television ad in the special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district, “Too Liberal.” The ad, running alongside “Out of Touch,” highlights Conor Lamb’s work experience as an Obama administration appointee in an administration that encouraged sanctuary cities and negotiated the Iran Deal.

“Conor Lamb will say or do anything to get elected, and that includes being dishonest with Pennsylvania families about who he really is – an extreme liberal,” said Corry Bliss, CLF Executive Director. “The reality is Lamb continues to support Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda of higher taxes and more spending, and would be nothing more than a rubber stamp for her out of touch agenda in Congress.”

CLF has invested $1.7 million in television advertising to date ahead of PA-18’s special congressional election, and is executing an aggressive ground game in the district. In early January CLF opened two field offices in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district with 50 full-time door knockers, who will make 250,000 voter contacts in door-to-door efforts by Election Day in March.

View the ad here.


ANNCR: How do we know Conor Lamb is a Pelosi liberal? 

Lamb joined Pelosi to oppose your tax cut, and to defend Obamacare.

And Lamb worked in the Obama administration that encouraged sanctuary cities, which put illegal immigrants who commit crimes back on the street…

…and that negotiated the Iranian deal that gave billions to the leading funder of terrorism.

Lamb and Pelosi.

Too liberal on too many issues.