Congressional Leadership Fund, American Action Network Raise $66 Million

CLF raises 52 times previous off-year fundraising
-In 2017: CLF raised $26 million; $15 million cash on hand
-In 2015: CLF raised $497,000; $865,793 cash on hand

WASHINGTON – Two House-focused organizations, Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC) and American Action Network (@AAN), raised a record-breaking $66 million for 2017, the best off-year fundraising total in the organizations’ history. The Congressional Leadership Fund ended the year with over $15 million cash on hand.

“CLF’s record-setting off-year fundraising is a testament to Speaker Ryan’s leadership and House Republicans’ conservative agenda,” said CLF and AAN Executive Director Corry Bliss. “Knowing history is against us, CLF’s field program has laid the groundwork to protect the Republican House majority well ahead of Election Day, opening 27 field offices and making over 5 million voter contacts to date. AAN is well-prepared to continue to promote the conservative policies of House leadership, and CLF is ready to ensure Republicans maintain the majority in 2018.”

In the previous off-year, 2015, CLF raised $497,000.