Cocktails and Conversation with Erin Bilbray

Career Democrat operative Erin Bilbray is having a party tonight. It’s called Cocktails and Conversation with Erin Bilbray.

Sounds fun until you realize that a conversation means enduring Erin Bilbray’s political playbook of name-calling, fabricated claims and Democrat talking points. It’s a diatribe sure to make you head to the bar for another drink.

To that end, we’ve selected some perfect pairings of cocktails and conversations with political player Erin Bilbray:

1.    Cocktail: The Mind Eraser

Conversation: “I always said I was never going to run for office.” – Erin Bilbray, 12/04/2013

2.    Cocktail: The Purple Hooter

Conversation: “You can’t be thrown off your insurance” – Erin Bilbray, 10/23/13

3.    Cocktail: The Combustible Edison

Conversation: “If you have a crack in your wall, you fix the crack. Don’t burn down the entire house. We have a Congress that wants to do this with the Affordable Care Act.” – Erin Bilbray, 12/04/2013

4.    Cocktail: Boilermaker

Conversation: Erin Bilbray “said that [Joe] Heck sees Latino immigrants as ‘anchor babies’. . .”  (Las Vegas Review Journal, 12/04/13)

5.    Cocktail: Kamikaze

Conversation: “I mean, I’m a woman, there is no getting around it and I think he [Joe Heck] was wrong and I think it discourages people from participating in the political process and that is wrong and that is un-American.” – Erin Bilbray, 10/23/13

The Bottom Line:
The 25,000 Nevadans losing their health plan under Erin Bilbray’s Obamacare need more than a strong drink to care now for their families.  Nevadans want a proven leader with solutions, not professional political player Erin Bilbray to call names and recite Democrat talking points.