CLF’s Statement On Troy Balderson’s Victory In OH-12

WASHINGTON – Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC) Executive Director Corry Bliss issued the following statement in response to Troy Balderson’s victory in the special election for Ohio’s 12th Congressional District:

“Congratulations to Congressman-elect Troy Balderson on his victory in Ohio’s special election. CLF is proud to have played a role along with other allied groups in helping to elect Troy Balderson by implementing an aggressive turnout operation and ultimately knocking on over 500,000 doors across the district. While we won tonight, this remains a very tough political environment and moving forward, we cannot expect to win tough races when our candidate is being outraised. Any Republican running for Congress getting vastly outraised by an opponent needs to start raising more money.

“Through television, radio, and digital ad campaigns, CLF exposed Danny O’Connor as a dishonest politician and tied him to Nancy Pelosi and her liberal agenda at every turn. In the fall, CLF will continue its aggressive efforts to defend the House Republican majority and stop Nancy Pelosi from becoming speaker.”

As the first outside group to enter the race, CLF played a key role in the special election for Ohio’s 12th Congressional District. CLF launched an aggressive field program and aired television ads tying Danny O’Connor to Nancy Pelosi and her extreme, liberal agenda, spending a total of $2.7 million on T.V. – making CLF the highest spender in the race on the GOP side. To support the field program, CLF deployed three full-time staffers to the district to oversee a team of over 100 door knockers engaging and turning out Republican voters. In total, CLF staff and volunteers knocked over 500,000 doors over the course of the special election campaign.