CLF Surpasses Super Saturday Goal Reaching 127,322 Voter Contacts in 17 Congressional Districts

CLF field staff and over 500 volunteers door knocked and phone banked in key districts

WASHINGTON – The Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC), the super PAC endorsed by House Republican leadership, announced it surpassed its goal of 100,000 voter contacts during its first “Super Saturday reaching 127,322 voters in a single day. The efforts, led by CLF field staff and over 500 volunteers, included knocking doors and making calls to engage and build relationships with voters in key districts. View a map and list of CLF’s 17 field offices here.

“The fact that we contacted 127,322 voters in a single day in October of an off year, and have 17 field offices open, shows CLF’s commitment to doing things differently to protect the House Republican majority in 2018. More than a year out, we are surpassing expectations and building relationships with voters in key congressional districts,” said CLF Executive Director Corry Bliss. “From here until Election Day, our team will only get bigger and stronger.”

CLF is the first super PAC to invest and launch a data-driven national field operation targeting congressional districts. Since February, CLF has opened field offices and implemented unique, full-fledged campaigns with the goal of building relationships with voters in key districts across the country. Each field office is led by a full-time staffer and hundreds of volunteers and interns who door-knock and phone bank on a daily basis. To date, the field team has made over 2.5 million voter contacts. CLF has pledged to raise and spend $100 million to protect the House Republican majority in the 2018 midterms. 

In case you missed it, below is CLF’s Super Saturday coverage and pictures of the field team in action: 

Congressional Leadership Fund Will Stage A One-Day Voter Blitz Saturday To Reach 100,000 People In More Than A Dozen Congressional Districts Crucial To Saving The Republican Majority In The House. “The Congressional Leadership Fund’s “day of action” in 17 House districts comes more than a year before the 2018 midterm elections. The effort, part of the super PAC’s plan to spend $100 million to influence House races, underscores the high stakes of upcoming House battles and marks an early push by Ryan’s allies to ensure that individual House races do not become a referendum on President Trump and his performance. The group’s $100 million budget is twice its 2016 election spending and would make it one of the biggest financial forces in the 2018 contest if it achieves that goal.” (Fredreka Schouten, “Exclusive: Ryan-Aligned Group To Unleash Volunteer Army Saturday In Early Election Push,” USA Today, 10/6/17)

Congressional Leadership Fund Launches First Major Voter Contact Ahead Of 2018. “The Congressional Leadership Fund plans to hold the first “Super Saturday” of voter engagement this weekend. This Saturday’s effort, led by CLF field offices and over 500 volunteers, will consist of door-to-door contact and phone banks to “build relationships with voters in key districts.” The districts include a range of likely Republican wins, like Rep. Brian Mast in Florida, to more competitive seats like Rep. Steve Knight in California. The super PAC dedicated to protecting the House Republican majority is the first to implement a “data-driven national field operation,” according to the press release from the group. They claim to have made over 2.5 million voter contacts in their field offices and pledged to raise $100 million for the 2018 midterms.” (Sally Persons, “Congressional Leadership Fund Launches First Major Voter Contact Ahead Of 2018,” Washington Times, 10/7/10) 

Congressional Leadership Fund To Stump For Brian Mast, Carlos Curbelo. “More national help is on the way to promote Republican U.S. Reps. Brian Mast of the Treasure Coast and Carlos Curbelo of Miami, with the launch this weekend of “Super Saturday” grassroots efforts organized by The Congressional Leadership Fund. That organization has opened up field offices in Mast’s 18th Congressional District and in Curbelo’s 26th Congressional District. And from there, CLF intends to use paid staff and volunteers Saturday to run phone banks and door-to-door canvassing to help the pair a year out from their next re-elections in their swing districts.” (Scott Powers, “Congressional Leadership Fund To Stump For Brian Mast, Carlos Curbelo,” Florida Politics, 10/6/17) 

Congressional Leadership Fund Is Holding Their First “Super Saturday” On Oct. 7 In All 17 Field Offices In An Effort To Make 100,000 Voter Contact. “California’s 25th congressional seat, currently held by Steve Knight (R-Palmdale), is one of the super PAC’s 17 targeted districts where they are trying to keep a Republican in office or replace a Democrat. “A year out from the midterms, CLF is running a data-driven field operation to build meaningful relationships with voters in key congressional districts across the country,” Congressional Leadership Fund spokesperson Courtney Alexander said. The super PAC is holding their first “Super Saturday” on Oct. 7 in all 17 of the districts in an effort to make 100,000 new voter contacts by connecting to locals door-to-door and over the phone.” (Gina Ender, “Super PAC Aims To Keep Republican Majority In Congress,” Santa Clarita Valley, 10/6/17)

Watch our field team in action