CLF Releases “Rubberstamp” Ad Campaign Against Ron Barber

WASHINGTON – The Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC) today released the ad “Rubberstamp” in Arizona’s 2nd congressional district race, airing a final message from Tucson-area voters fed up with Ron Barber’s support for Nancy Pelosi and her liberal agenda.

In Congress, Ron Barber voted with Democrats 90% of the time, according to Washington Post analysis. Despite campaigning as a moderate, he’s become a rubberstamp for Nancy Pelosi and her liberal agenda of more spending, more government, and higher taxes.

The ad will run on Tucson broadcast and online as part of CLF’s $1.25 million independent expenditure campaign in the AZ-02 race, which includes broadcast, cable, radio and online advertising as well as direct mail and GOTV efforts. CLF’s sister organization, American Action Network, has already spent $550,000 in the race.

View the :30 TV ad here.

View the :15 online ad here.

“Ron Barber wasted no time making himself part of the problem in Washington by supporting Nancy Pelosi and her liberal agenda,” said Emily Davis, spokeswoman for Congressional Leadership Fund. “His partisan record for more spending, bigger government, and higher taxes shows that Ron Barber quickly became out of touch with Arizonans.”

:30 Script:

Lori: Gabby Giffords had guts enough to vote against Pelosi

Judith: But not Ron Barber

ANNCR: Ron Barber voted with Democrats ninety percent of the time.

Dennis: He voted for more spending

Lori: More wasteful spending

Judith: More government and higher taxes

Dennis: We still have border problems, and he doesn’t really seem to get the message

Lori: He’s just a rubberstamp.

Judith: He’s a rubberstamp for Pelosi.

AANCR: Ron Barber. He’s already part of the problem in Washington

Judith: Boy, that didn’t take long

ANNCR: Congressional Leadership Fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.