CLF Releases New TV Ad “Thank You, Georgia” Against Jon Ossoff

Ad details Ossoff’s liberal, out-of-state support from Nancy Pelosi and donors

WASHINGTON – The Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC), the super PAC endorsed by House Republican leadership, today released its latest ad, “Thank you, Georgia,” against liberal Jon Ossoff. The spot highlights Ossoff’s strong support from West Coast liberals, alluding to the fact that 95% of Ossoff’s campaign donors live outside of Georgia, with the highest concentration residing in California. 
“Jon Ossoff’s out-of-touch, liberal agenda belongs with Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco, not Georgia’s sixth district,” said Corry Bliss, CLF Executive Director. “West coast liberals may be thanking Jon for running by trying to funnel millions of dollars to his campaign, but Georgians know better when it comes to Nancy’s hand-picked candidate, because the sixth district is not for sale.”
The ad marks CLF’s first TV ad in the runoff and will air in the Atlanta media market starting Tuesday, May 9, as part of CLF’s $6.5 million independent expenditure campaign in GA-06. Along with TV, radio, and digital advertising, CLF has a robust field operation of 90 full-time door knockers targeting 200,000 households by June 20.

View the ad here


Hi Georgia, San Francisco just wanted to say thank you.
We already have Nancy Pelosi as our Congresswoman, now you’re going to give us Jon Ossoff as our Congressman.
We’re proud that California is the leading funder of the Jon Ossoff campaign.
He’s one of us.
We’re really excited that Jon Ossoff likes higher taxes.
Pelosi and Ossoff will weaken the military. ISIS? Psh, they’re overrated.
San Francisco loves them some Jon Ossoff. 
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