CLF Releases New Radio Ad In NY-19 Featuring AD The Voice

Ad highlights Antonio Delgado’s record as an extreme liberal

WASHINGTON – Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC), the super PAC endorsed by House Republican leadership, announced a new radio ad in New York’s 19th Congressional District. The spot highlights Democratic candidate Antonio Delgado, also known as AD the Voice, as an extreme liberal and references several lyrics from his divisive rap album, including minimizing the 9/11 tragedy. The ad will air in the Albany and Poughkeepsie media markets.

“AD the Voice’s out-of-touch liberal views are too extreme for New York’s 19th Congressional District and his own words prove it,” said Michael Byerly, CLF spokesman. “These explosive and divisive views would sit well with the liberal resistance, but not with voters in New York’s 19th district.”

Listen to the ad here.


VO: The liberal resistance is going too far.

Refusing to stand for our anthem.

Attacking our police as terrorists.

Calling for the elimination of ICE, the law enforcement agency that deports criminal illegal aliens.

Antonio Delgado is their candidate for Congress.

Before becoming a Pelosi liberal, Delgado was a Los Angeles rapper called AD the Voice.

Delgado spit out sexist lyrics.

DELGADO: “Got ya sweatin this like you havin sex to a porno flick.”

VO: Delgado attacked American democracy:

DELGADO: “Dead Presidents can’t represent me.”

“It was Marx who said that Communism presupposed Capitalism.”

VO: Delgado even minimized the tragedy of 9/11: 

DELGADO: “More than 40 times the lives lost in 9/11.”

“God Bless Iraq.”

VO: So radical. So offensive.

Antonio Delgado can’t be our voice in Congress.