CLF Releases Erin Bilbray “Strategies” Video Ahead of Campaign Re-Launch

Today Erin Bilbray is kicking off her campaign. Again. Since she first launched her campaign last July, this professional political player has racked up quite a list of failed campaign strategies resulting in many unforced errors.

So to help Erin Bilbray kick off her campaign once again, we’re releasing a video that rolls the tape on just a few of the “strategies” this “experienced political hand” has employed so far:

Time for a campaign re-launch, for sure. But if Erin Bilbray is going to use the same playbook she’s learned from her political benefactors Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, then Nevadans should brace themselves for more of her bad politics and even worse policy stances.

The Bottom Line:
Career political operative Erin Bilbray has delivered an embarrassing performance of failed political stunts and extreme policy views since launching her campaign last July. Since at first she didn’t succeed, Erin Bilbray is now re-launching her campaign to try, try again to convince Nevadans to let her play politics and champion Obamacare in Congress.