CLF Launches “Surprise” Ad Campaign Against Ron Barber

WASHINGTON – The Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC) today released the ad “Surprise” in Arizona’s 2nd congressional district race, exposing Ron Barber’s false claims of independence while he votes for Nancy Pelosi and her liberal agenda.

On the campaign trail, Ron Barber promised to be independent, and he wouldn’t publicly commit to vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House. But after receiving thousands in campaign contributions from Nancy Pelosi, Barber showed his true liberal stripes by voting to make Nancy Pelosi the Speaker again.

The ad will air on Tucson broadcast as part of CLF’s $1.25 Million independent expenditure campaign in the AZ-02 race. The “Surprise” ad campaign will also include a 15-second version for online advertising. CLF’s sister organization, American Action Network, has already spent $550,000 in the race.

View the :30 TV ad here.

View the :15 online ad here.

“Ron Barber played Arizona voters for fools by pretending to be independent but then voting for extreme liberal Nancy Pelosi,” said Emily Davis, spokeswoman for Congressional Leadership Fund. “One look at Ron Barber’s bank account and voting record tells Southern Arizonans that his standard is Nancy Pelosi.”

:30 Script:

JUDITH: Ron Barber tells us he’s independent. But he’s not.

LORI: He wouldn’t tell voters in Arizona if he was voting for Nancy Pelosi.

JUDITH: But Pelosi gave big money to his campaign.

DENNIS: And surprise, surprise, he voted for Pelosi.

JUDITH: At least Gabby Giffords was independent. She had the guts to vote against Pelosi.

LORI: But not Ron Barber

JUDITH: Not Ron Barber

DENNIS: He took Pelosi’s money…

JUDITH: …and gave her his vote.

ANNCR: Ron Barber. He’ll take your vote and give it to Pelosi.

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