CLF Announces First “Trailblazers” Endorsements of 2024 Cycle

Congressional Leadership Fund, the super PAC endorsed by House Republican Leadership, announced the first slate of candidates to earn the endorsement of its Trailblazers Fund. Trailblazers is CLF’s hard-dollar arm, which endorses and provides direct financial support to key Republican candidates with the ability to help grow the House Majority.

“These candidates have proven they have what it takes to connect with voters and win in battleground districts,” said CLF President Dan Conston. “For the third straight cycle, House Republicans have had tremendous recruits in swing seats — and that can make all the difference. With the right resources, we will be well-positioned to hold and grow the House Majority come November.”

Congressional campaigns that earn the support of Trailblazers are standout candidates with proven track records of tangible achievement and impressive character, who have also met clear benchmarks of campaign organization, fundraising, and grassroots outreach.

The first round of Trailblazers endorsements are as follows:

AK-AL: Nancy Dahlstrom

CA-09: Kevin Lincoln

CA-47: Scott Baugh

CO-08: Gabe Evans

CT-05: George Logan

IL-17: Joe McGraw

IN-01: Randy Niemeyer

KS-03: Prasanth Reddy

ME-02: Austin Theriault

MI-07: Tom Barrett

MN-02: Joe Teirab

NC-01: Laurie Buckhout

NM-02: Yvette Herrell

NY-18: Alison Esposito

OH-01: Orlando Sonza

OH-09: Derek Merrin

OH-13: Kevin Coughlin

PA-08: Rob Bresnahan

PA-17: Rob Mercuri

VA-07: Derrick Anderson

For more information on CLF’s Trailblazers Fund, visit our website here.