CLF and AAN Post Best Off-Year Fundraising Haul In History

Congressional Leadership Fund and American Action Network announced they raised a combined $68 million during 2019 – the largest haul the groups have ever posted during an off-year. CLF’s 2019 haul eclipses its off-year record by more than 25% and arms CLF with nearly twice its previous record cash on hand heading into the election year.

“CLF’s record-breaking fundraising haul is the clearest sign yet that Republicans are in a strong position to retake the House in 2020,” said CLF President Dan Conston. “The Democratic Party’s embrace of socialism and obsession with impeachment has revealed just how out of touch Democrats are from the concerns of their districts. Voters are ready to show the door to the socialist Democrat Majority and stand behind Leader Kevin McCarthy and Whip Steve Scalise.”

Key Comparisons:

  • CLF and AAN raised a combined $68 million in 2019, exceeding their previous off-year combined fundraising record by $2 million.
  • CLF has $28 million in cash on hand, its most ever heading into the election year and nearly double its previous record at the same point. $15.2 million was its previous record.
  • CLF raised $32.6 million, outraising its previous record in the off-year by 25%. $26 million was its previous record.