Carol Shea-Porter Says No to NH Veterans…Again

Making sure our veterans are taken care of. That’s something House Republicans and Democrats can agree on, right?

Evidently not Carol Shea-Porter. This week, she’s voted not once, but twice against making sure America’s veterans receive the benefits they have earned during the government shutdown.

While dozens of Democrats joined Republicans in Congress in funding veterans’ benefits, Carol Shea-Porter stayed right at her post as a loyal lieutenant of Nancy Pelosi.

Already, hundreds of thousands of our nation’s heroes are waiting for the Veterans Affairs department to process claims to receive the benefits they’ve earned. Some veterans wait months, even years to receive deserved benefits.

And if Carol Shea-Porter had her way, they’d wait longer.

The Bottom Line:
Carol Shea-Porter has proven she is unwilling to work with a bipartisan coalition of Republicans and Democrats to ensure that New Hampshire veterans receive the benefits they’ve earned. New Hampshire veterans deserve better than Carol Shea-Porter who is more interested in being Nancy Pelosi’s loyal lieutenant than funding veterans’ services.